Dan's Cedrus deodara

Deodar cedars (Cedrus deodara) are not a common subject for bonsai, but they do make respond well as bonsai subjects. Here are the three of this species Dan has on display at Elandan Gardens.

Deodar Cedar 1:

I have not participated in any work on this specimen, but looking at it now I would like to get my hands on it to perform some maintenance in the near future.
Photo from April of 2017.

 Deodar Cedar 2:

I have not participated in any work on this specimen.
Photo from April of 2017.

Deodar Cedar 3:

This tree is still in training and will likely be moved into a proper bonsai pot in the spring of 2018. In September of 2016, I de-wired the tree after it was already in training for a few years. There were some severe wire scars which will be especially slow to fill on this species. The tree will likely not be pruned this year to help those scars fill-in.
Photo from September of 2016.

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