April 5, 2024

Winter Invasive Plant ID at Turtle Cave in Athens, Ohio - Honeysuckle, Multiflora Rose, and Privet

            For New Year's Day, 2024 I was lucky to have a partner and dog willing to put up with some winter nippiness and muddiness to hike a nearby trail that promised a cave at the end. While there, I documented several things including the abundance and distribution of invasive plants, the plants with wild bonsai ("yamadori") potential, the details of the natural deciduous deadwood decay patterns here in Ohio, and some rock formations that were interspersed in the forest. In today's article, I share the observations from there focused on Ohio invasive plant identification ahead of our upcoming CBS invasive digs. In the near future, I'll follow up with more pictures from the other observations.


I. Invasive Plants in Ohio
    IA. Why do invasive plants matter?
    IB. History of Columbus Bonsai Society's involvement with invasive plants
    IC. CBS INVASIVE Alliance (see previous post)
    ID. Invasive plants at Turtle Cave in Athens, Ohio - Winter Identification
        ID1. Invasive Japanese (Vine) Honeysuckle
        ID2. Invasive Multiflora Rose
        ID3. Invasive Shrub Honeysuckle
        ID4. Invasive Chinese Privet

Blog/Central Ohio Bonsai Announcements:

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  2. CBS Club Dig Days for 2024 are out! - See the list and RSVP here to be sent the addresses of the events. Options include 4/6, 4/13, and 4/14/2024. All are welcome. Contact me with any questions.
  3. See my recently published lecture - "Introduction to Wild Bonsai in Ohio and Beyond" for some tips on how to get started digging yamadori.
With the density of these privet berries, it's easy to see how they can invade our forests! If you look closely you will also see an invasive Japanese Honeysuckle vine still hanging onto its leaves.