Bonsai Soil for Sale

If you want to grow quality bonsai but fret over the cost of bonsai soil, I'm here to help. The bonsai soil mix now available at my nursery in Columbus is straight out of my bonsai teacher's garden, Elandan Gardens by Dan Robinson. I've used a version of this mix for the past 8 years in both the Seattle and Columbus climates, as has Dan for the past 60 years with great results. Substituting japanese-imported akadama for a durable organic particle like pine bark allows for a cheaper alternative for those on a budget or for those developing many trees from young stock. Bonsai soil mixes are a controversial subject, but I invite anyone to come to my nursery in Ohio to see and discuss the results I have with these components. There are pros and cons to any mix, and with mine, I am striving to combine performance and affordability. Accessiblity is key to my bonsai practice as well as teaching philosophy.

Forgot to mention specifics. My pumice is 3/8"x1/4". My soil is mainly for those nearby me in Columbus, OH, USA but I have some road trip routes in the next few months I can deliver along also. We could also meet up at a bonsai show in Ohio or neighboring states. Shipping is possible. Contact me for further inquiry - 


Picture 1: Comparison table with my prices of these mixes to online sources. Discount for bulk or if you come use your own containers. 

Picture 2: Bagged 400 lbs of soil.

After a few hours of recovery following my recent workshop, I went straight into mixing and packing bonsai soil for spring - just in time as we have a warm week ahead and no hard freezes forecasted for a while in Columbus, OH. Repotting and yamadori digging will commence very soon! Anyways, here is about 400 lbs 😵 of mostly pure pumice that I bagged up this week after a few months of sourcing and planning. Now, off to go get more supplies for the mixed soil recipes!

Picture 3: 50/50 bark and pumice mix.

Picture 4-7: My bag labeling process. First time trying that!

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