Bonsai Pots for Sale

 Blue Nose Trading Pots - New in January 2024!

            I recently received a shipment of pots to sell on behalf of Tori Solis / Blue Nose Trading. See the pictures and prices below. All of the pots are circular rounds. The indicated length in the tape measure reflects the diameter of the pot, but because the tape measure was closer to the camera it looks as though the pots are smaller than they really measured. All pots here are available. Once sold they will be removed from this page. This page is arranged from smallest/lowest price to largest/highest price.

Local pickup/delivery in the Columbus Ohio area only. If you must have one of these shipped to you, contact me and I'll look into a cost estimate.

ID101 -$40 - 4" Metallic round red stoneware pot

ID100 -$45 - 4.5" Blue-violet round speckled stoneware pot

ID102 -$45 - 4" Teal crater pitted round speckled stoneware pot

ID110 -$50 - 5" Indigo violet speckled stoneware round pot

ID103 -$100 - 9.5"  Pink blue green pastel round speckled stoneware pot

In person, this pot has a more visible pink-purple color although the camera picked up a lot more orange!

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