Ryan's Bonsaiclopedia

          Many complex topics in bonsai require years of experience to fully understand. The objective of my Encyclopedia of Bonsai or "Bonsaiclopedia" is to cut down on that time for you so that any beginner can carry out important operations on your bonsai with more confidence. Some techniques I describe will also cater to more intermediate and advanced readers. I am aware that on many topics, I am probably not the first bonsai artist to attempt to explain these issues, but I hope I can consolidate a library of other online resources here that will be useful to you all in a unique way. If there is a topic you'd like to see me explain and analyze next, comment below or let me know directly!

Bonsaiclopedia topics I have already written about (more will be added as I have time):

  1. Where do bonsai come from?
    1. Yamadori / Yardadori / Wild Bonsai
      1. Simplified Protocols for Yamadori Collection, Aftercare, and Initial Bonsai Training - A Honeysuckle Raft Case Study.
      2. Applying Dendrology to Estimate Age of Wild Yamadori Bonsai
    2. Growing From Seed
      1. Bonsai Seed Myths
      2. Years 0-2 Growing Plan
      3. Bonsai From Seed: Essential Steps for Success - Full Lecture
  2. Repotting & Root Pruning
    1. When to PREPARE to Repot / Signs of an Early Spring in Ohio - Living Alarm Bells
    2. When to Repot
    3. Repotting Considerations: The Water & Sugar Equations
    4. Repotting Scenarios for a Shohin Privet and Intro to Bonsai Soil (planting position & nebari decisions)
  3. Pruning
    1. The Cost of Sex - Reasons to Control Flowering and Fruiting on Your Bonsai

  4. Tropical/Indoor Bonsai
    1. What's in a Grow Tent? The Science and Tools Behind Keeping Indoor Bonsai Healthy
  5. Ceramics
    1. Modern Methods for Kintsugi Ceramic Repair
    2. Refining the 2-in-1 Step Method for Kintsugi Ceramic Repair
  6. Tanuki / Phoenix Graft Styling
    1. The Unsung Merits of Phoenix Graft/Tanuki Bonsai - A Japanese Larch Example.
  7. Species-Specific Information
    1. Roberta Walters' Azaleas 101 - A Guide to Seasonal Azalea Care
    2. Unusual Species for Bonsai
      1. Invasive Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica & related species) for Bonsai
      2. Crazy for Catalpa! Bonsai prospects for an unusual North American native
      3. Reviewing the Germination Habits of Brewer's Oak aka Quercus garryana breweri / Seed Experiment #1 - Survival Methods for Early Germinators
      4. Purshia tridentata (Antelope Bitterbrush) for Bonsai?

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