October 20, 2019

Visiting Bonsai Echo

Source material: 2019, October 13

          Last week, I was fortunate to meet with another local bonsai artist named Jared. Under the name "Bonsai Echo", he has become very active in the online bonsai community recently sharing his work on InstagramYoutube, and his facebook page. He also recently began a bonsai sale of some of his prebonsai and styled bonsai. Of course, I was tempted to check out his collection on my way back from working at Elandan Gardens last weekend. I'm always open to connecting with other local bonsai enthusiasts, especially those who also make an effort to share their work online. When I met Jared, I photographed a small portion of his collection (not all of which are part of his sale). He hasn't been doing bonsai for very long, but he already has some impressive skills! Please enjoy his work as I get to work on making time to sort through pictures of my own trees. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end for my recent blogging drought. :)

P.S. If you'd like to buy any trees from him, you must make an appointment to meet in person with him. He does not ship trees at this time. Click here for more details.
Blue Atlas Cedar. Check out the unconventional movement on this one.
Yardadori yew
Another yardadori yew.

Fall colors starting to set in!

Many big, trunk-chopped Stewartia showing healthy buds!

I love his use of broken pots throughout his garden.

Lots of sumo-style ready trunk chopped Japanese Maples.

The Alberta spruce in the back has a very well-done jin and is set at a very affordable price.

     Thanks for showing me your collection Jared- I hope to see some of these trees in next year's Puget Sound Bonsai Association Show at Bonsai Fest!

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