April 24, 2020

Three Bonsai Buds on a Branch...

          You've heard of the phrase "As close as three peas in a pod", but what about "three buds on a branch?" It has a nice ring to it too, doesn't it? Introducing "Bonsai Buds" - another idea of mine born out of quarantine boredom. Bonsai Buds will be a bonsai-themed talk show through which I look forward to getting to know other up-and-coming members of the bonsai community. I have no idea how frequent Bonsai Buds will be, but I look forward to using this show as an excuse to interview prominent members in the bonsai community, pick their bonsai brains, see what projects they're working on, and get styling advice for you all. So, if you are stumped by any trees in your garden, please submit a few photos or your questions here!

EDIT: This idea has now transformed into the Bonsai Time Podcast! Find all our episodes (including the one with Julian and Andy) here.

          Episode 01 will air sometime in the week of Monday, May 04, depending on how organized I am and the rate at which we receive audience questions. In the first episode, I will interview Andy Bello and Julian Tsai about their past experience in bonsai and solicit their advice on your trees. Andy currently works as the curator's assistant for the National Bonsai Foundation and Julian recently returned from his apprenticeship at Fujikawa-Kouka-en bonsai nursery in Japan. If you have a tree you want styling ideas for, between the three of us, we probably cover the whole bonsai style spectrum from idealized Japanese trees to naturalistic bonsai and therefore we can give you ideas for multiple potential directions. Again, please submit your questions and trees via the form here.

          You can see more of the talented bonsai work of our guests on their social media accounts. Andy's work can be found on Instagram (@bellcraze) and Facebook. Julian's work can be found on his bonsai blog (www.bontsai.com), Instagram (@bontsai_), and Facebook.

          For some bonus fun, here are a few alternative art drafts I made to promote our first episode. Which one is your favorite?

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