February 4, 2022

Todd Schlafer Finds the Trunkline - Columbus Bonsai Society Full Demo

Source material: 10/17/2021

        Hello all! Just wanted to share quickly one of my recent online bonsai projects. Similar to what I did during my time with the Puget Sound Bonsai Association's DVD archive, as part of my role as the librarian for the Columbus Bonsai Society, I'm starting a CBS Youtube channel and uploading their meetings for all to see! Please enjoy the first video on their channel featuring a demonstration by Todd Schlafer of First Branch Bonsai. Based out of Denver, Todd is now one of the most in-demand traveling bonsai artists due in part to his training with Ryan Neil and extensive experience with collecting and styling native species from the Rocky Mountains.

        The before and after photos can be seen in the first 20 seconds of the video. I found myself amazed by the tree that Todd found inside that challenging raw stock. There's a good lesson in there on how to simplify a complicated piece of raw stock, but Todd also discussed many other topics at length during this demonstration such as fungicide use, how he got into bonsai, how he decided to become a bonsai professional, and next steps for this tree such as how to care for a tree styled in late fall as the growing season is ending.

Blog Announcements

  1. Now is a perfect time to start preparing to cold-stratify seeds for them to germinate in spring, so check out my new seed stock for 2022!  As always, all sales come with my 10-Year Bonsai From Seed Guide. See my Sales Page for more details on my offerings. New species will be added by the end of the month.
  2. Check out my Before & After Portfolio! I've added some new gifs of work that I had done during my apprenticeship at Elandan Gardens, on my trees, and for past clients.
  3. The Columbus Bonsai Society has a new website! If you're in the area, join us at our next meeting on February 20th where we will go over bonsai basics on soil types and wiring/styling your tree. More info here.
  4. For our Seattle-area bonsai friends, make sure you don't miss this month's PSBA general meeting. My teacher, American bonsai legend, and friend Dan Robinson of Elandan Gardens will be demonstrating carving and leading workshops for members Sunday 2/27 and Monday 2/28. See here for details.

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