May 15, 2024

Intro to Wild Bonsai / Yamadori in Ohio and Beyond (Full Lecture)

            Last year I put together this talk for my home club of the Columbus Bonsai Society, and then over winter I finally made time to edit it to share with you all who could not be there in person. I hope it helps you try out some yamadori digging when the time is right! At this time of year in the northern hemisphere, it is probably best to practice on "now or never" digs as summer is approaching and the ideal early spring window is behind us. I also have a previous article / "Simplified Protocols for Yamadori/Wild Bonsai Collection, Aftercare, and Initial Bonsai Training..." which you may find helpful too. These resources I provide are just a starting point but you will have to be willing to try it out and fail along the way. Not every species is tolerant of being dug and some prefer certain times of the year or certain aftercare practices. If there are local people to ask for advice, they can give you a head start or you can take my general advice and see what works in your area!

In Vivo Bonsai / CBS Announcements

  1. If your local bonsai or garden club is interested in having me talk to your group in 2025, please contact me and we can discuss options. There are now 3 talks on my YouTube channel but every time I give them I always update them with new information as I learn more and develop as a teacher! I also have a few talks that did not get recorded that I could give or we could develop something entirely new.
  2. If you are in Columbus, OH, or are in the surrounding states, check out my barberry bonsai for sale and the delivery options there. I have many other local yamadori and bonsai from seed projects if you have something specific you are seeking, I just don't have time to post them all online.
  3. The Columbus Bonsai Society is hosting Hugo Zamora - a Mexican-born, Japanese-trained bonsai artist - THIS Sunday 5/19/2024 for a morning workshop and afternoon demonstration. Come see an expert in action! I believe the afternoon demonstration is focused on a Shimpaku juniper styling. More info here.

See more of my bonsai lectures on my YouTube channel "In Vivo Bonsai".

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